Our crew leasing services provide world class service and support at a cost effective price.

While the crew members are trained and fly the line under your certificate, they are employed by us. This means we handle all of the administrative support functions: salary, taxes, healthcare benefits, insurance benefits, etc. You are not burdened with the expense or labor of handling these functions at all.

This lowers your costs and reduces your workload. Your company pays training costs, travel expenses, crew meals and crew accommodations, and we at Air Cab will invoice a daily or a monthly fix fee.

AIR CAB Resources Group understands the logistics involved in managing and running your flight department

  • Let the aviation professionals at AIR CAB Aviation Resources Group do the work for you.
  • We will set up, run and manage your flight department.
  • We will find candidates that meet and exceed your criteria.
  • Our pre-screening process helps to ensure that any flight crew member that works for your company will be a good employee.
  • We are aviation professionals with thousands of flight hours and decades of experience as line pilots, instructors, and managers at international, Part 121/135/91 air carriers. " We know pilots and cabin crew members.

We stand behind our services 100%

This means we continually work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services as well as the performance of each and every flight crew member on lease to you. We pledge to you our commitment that any area of concern will be addressed swiftly and to your complete satisfaction.

Our exceptionally high level of business ethics means that we are honest, reliable and professional. We want to establish a long term relationship with you.